SurePure Brewing Applications

In a world first in the brewing industry, SurePure’s patented technology provides an alternative to thermal processing within brewing:

Ambient liquid adjunct/liquid sugar processing:

• Ambient UV treatment of liquid adjunct (as opposed to boiling in the Brewhouse) results in energy savings of both heating (steam) and cooling (electricity for generation of “chilled Liquor”) as well as being beneficial to flavour, flavour stability and yielding throughput benefits.

Flavored Alcohol Beverage (FAB)/Cider Production:

• FAB/Cider Production – Ambient production of Ciders and FAB’s “wort” via UV processing rather than boiling in the wort kettle and cooling during wort collection saved significant energy as well as improved brewery throughput.

• FAB / Cider Production pre container filling – The opportunity exists to lower the pasteurization units if UV is employed to sterilize the liquid prior to filling. This process saves on energy costs, water usage (and availability concerns), is beneficial to flavour stability and has throughput benefits as transit times through the pasteurizer are reduced (placing the container filler at the bottom of the “V” profile in the pack hall – For FAB’s).

Light stable beer sterile filtration

  • An opportunity exists to replace sterile filtration with UV treatment for beer packaged in flint glass. This could also generate savings in CO2 (for emptying sterile filters) and the water used in the extensive cleaning that sterile filters require.

Water treatment:

  • “Cold” dilution water production is the “newer” method of generation of dilution water. This process (whilst saving energy on previous production methods) can result in microbial growth in the D-plant as well as biofilm build up – UV exposure can be used here to prevent microbial contamination.

  • Yeast Dilution water can be photosterilized to prevent microbial contamination of yeast.
  • UV Treatment of effluent could result in a reduction in Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand and would lower the cost of water treatment.

  • UV Treatment of “Steep liquor” in the maltings process could result in a massive reduction in water required for malt generation via the reuse of the first steep water as a second steep.