SurePure Juice Photopurification

I think we covered most of the facts on the UV unit from our side, Energy saving, Time saving

Product keeps it colour and the taste is definitely stays fresher as opposed to the ‘blandness’ after pasteurization. Also the units themselves are compact thus not taking up too much space, this comes in handy if space is an issue. The unit is very user friendly.

The actual process of reducing/eliminating growth of microorganisms is proven. Our own tests have shown good results, (although I feel that we are not utilizing the unit to the best of it’s ability due to the slower flow rates as discussed at the time of your visit- this will be investigated)

 All in all very happy with the unit

- Sam Mcilroy, Lombardi Juices

Research Papers:

  • Science Direct: Ultra Violet radiation as a non –thermal treatment for the inactivation of micro organisms in fruit juice -18 September 2007