SurePure Wine Photopurification

"We experimented with a batch of Merlot and the flavour profiles are all intact. There should thus not be any concerns about this UV process damaging the characteristics of the wine while at the same time helping me make a product with a far lower sulphur content than usual.”   
-   John Loubser, winemaker at Steenberg

It’s becoming more and more important to make a wine that’s sulphur free or with only natural sulphites.
I see huge benefits in that. I think it is a way to the future and I think it will become a part of the way in which we make wine worldwide. We treated wine from grapes from one of my top blocks of Chardonnay. I’ve added sulphur to one half and used the Surepure technology on the other half. You can pick the difference up immediately in the taste of the two wines. The sulphites stand out.   
  Neil Patterson, cellarmaster at L’Ormarins 

“The first wine we treated was the Ilka 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon. We made the 04 Cabernet Sauvignon without and it’s an interesting comparison. Not only are we overly excited about the product, but we consider it a privilege to be involved with it, as the quality certainly is on a different level. We don’t need to filter our wines. The exciting part for the consumer, those who are SO2 sensitive, and even those who aren’t, I’m sure will take kindly to wine with fewer chemicals in it.”   
-   Delarey Brugman, winemaker at Alluvia

“Preliminary tests on wines treated with the SurePure process indicated no changes in the routine chemical analysis of the wines (alcohol TA, pH, VA etc). The treatment induced no changes in the wine colour and polyphenol levels. The effect of SurePure treatment on the microbial levels in the wines was remarkable. All wines treated showed lower levels of yeasts and bacteria. The level of reduction in microbial counts depended largely on the Joules applied during the treatment.”   
-    Loftie Ellis, Wine Quality Consultant