SurePure Juice Photopurification

Does the colour or the flavour change when using the SurePure system?

No, the SurePure system reduces the micro-organism load without changing the flavour or the colour. However, these flavours and colours may appear substantially different to the colour and flavour of the equivalent heat- or chemically-treated product and the raw materials have not been denatured.

Can you treat concentrates?

Depending on the percentage solids (soluble and insoluble) and the viscosity concentrates can be treated.

Can you treat fruit pulp?

Fruit pulp has been treated successfully. It depends, however, on the viscosity, solids content, percentage of fibres and colour. High fiber content can prevent the UVC from effectively penetrating the pulp and inactivating microbes. A high solids content juice (thick and viscous) may require heating of the pulp to reduce viscosity and allow the pulp to be efficiently passed through the Turbulators. A darker colour pulp (e.g. guava) may also require a higher dose of UV-C than lighter coloured pulp (e.g. pineapple).

What would be recommended to enhance the UV penetration through viscous juices? 

UV-C dosage is a function of the time of exposure and intensity of UV-C transmittance; by optimizing these parameters higher log reduction values could be obtained.